1 25160U 98007D   17025.16464652 -.00000102  00000-0  12335-4 0  9999
2 25160 107.9490 266.5050 0064387 245.9879 230.0419 14.21452730983235
1 26034U 99070C   17025.22219040  .00001546  00000-0  11062-3 0  9994
2 26034  98.3184 207.5536 0012513 280.6760  79.3055 15.06104183923933

Celestis is the first company to offer space burials. The Celestis payloads are small containers (CPAC, Celestis Payload Attached Container), which are bolted to the last stage (Orion-38) of Pegasus-XL, Taurus-2110 or Taurus-2210 launch vehicles.

The containers contain small aluminum capsule about the size of a lipstick, containing symbolic 7 g of cremated remains. Several flights have been made. Among the first persons, whos ashes were send into space were the late « Star Trek » creator Gene Roddenberry, 60ies icon Timothy Leary and space colony advocate Gerald O’Neill.


Poubelle de l’espace.
Retour sur terre.





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