The inventor of the Web is considering allowing corporate interests to change its underlying technology, extending their ability to control users’ computers with DRM (Digital Restrictions Management), undermining Internet freedom, and exposing people to surveillance and criminal threats online.

As Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee considers this decision, people around the world are placing hundreds of phone calls urging him not to allow the change. Now a small artist-led group called Ethics in Tech is taking it to the next level—this Saturday, they will march to Berners-Lee’s office in Cambridge, MA, to demand he heed the call of human rights groups, tens of thousands of Web users, and his fellow Web pioneers: reject DRM in Web standards and stand up for the free, fair Web that everyone except a handful of big companies wants.

Can you march with Ethics in Tech this Saturday in Cambridge, MA? We are calling on everyone who can to do so, because by bringing an unprecedented outcry down on Tim Berners-Lee, we can still convince him to do the right thing. March details are here.

via As the Web’s inventor flirts with disaster, Boston artists are putting out a call: March with us this Saturday | Defective by Design


Si on ne les écoute pas, en pratique ça ne se sentira pas.
Il y a toujours des moyens détournés.
Mais c’est une perte de temps, de tenter de bloquer des portes qui s’ouvriront de toute manière un jour ou l’autre.


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